Bowhunting in the Kalahari

Embrace the Ancient Art with Modern Precision

Discover the Kalahari's soulful embrace of bowhunting, where tradition meets technology in the vast landscapes of the Eastern Kalahari. At Molopo Kalahari Safaris, we offer a unique bowhunting experience, blending the heritage of the Bushmen with the precision of modern archery.

The Legacy of the Bushmen

For centuries, the Bushmen people have hunted the Kalahari with their "primitive" bow and arrow. Their deep connection with the land compelled them to stalk and ambush animals, using poison-tipped arrows for an ethically sustainable hunt. In our hunting area, we pay homage to this legacy with walk and stalk, ambush, and blind hunting experiences.

A Modern Bowhunting Adventure

Times have changed, and technology allows for more accurate shots over longer distances. In the Molopo Kalahari hunting area, we offer a range of bowhunting experiences, including:

  • Walk and Stalk: Experience the thrill of tracking game on foot, connecting with the environment as you approach your target.

  • Ambush and Blind Hunting: Maximize opportunities and success within the limited time available to modern bowhunters. Our strategically placed blinds over water and feeding spots enhance your chances of a close encounter.

Hunting Grounds for Every Bowhunter

In the Kalahari area alone, you can pursue an array of game species, including Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, Giraffe, Eland, Sable, Roan, Kudu, and more. Small cats like Caracal, African wild cat, and Genet cats add an extra layer of excitement to your bowhunting adventure.

Molopo Kalahari Safaris is equipped to provide a memorable bowhunting experience:

  • Permanent Ground Blinds: Strategically placed for optimal visibility and proximity to game.

  • Elevated Blinds and Stands: Enhance your field of view and increase your chances of a successful shot.

  • Moveable Pop-up Blinds: Adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of bowhunting with our portable blinds.

The average shooting distance from the blinds is approximately 20 yards, ensuring a challenging yet ethical bowhunting experience.

Bowhunt Top-Ranked Species

Molopo Kalahari Safaris proudly stands among the few who have bowhunted species that rank under the top 10 in SCI (Safari Club International). Join us for an opportunity to bowhunt species like Springbok (ranked nr.1), Cape Eland (nr.3), Duiker (nr.4), White Blesbok (nr.6), and more.

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